Friday, 13 November 2015

The VW $1000 Offer

I noticed this week that Volkswagen offered $1,000 gift cards for VW diesel accept as pay-back on this terrible and misfortune scandal.

No one much has indicated that they've accepted the cards.  You have until the end of April of 2016....before this deal runs out.

My guess is that they might find six people out of the eleven-million 'world' diesel owners.....who might accept the card deal.

By the time that they've mandated that you have to come in and get the software update, there will be hundreds of lawyers across the US who have become VW scandal specialists.  A nice threat type of letter will go to VW-USA and it's corporate headquaters.  My hunch is that they will all ask for either a brand-new car or $100,000 in damages.  VW will laugh, and then find that court-episode by court-episode will make this impossible to handle.

The cheapest way to fix this is to simply give everyone a chance to drive that VW diesel into the franchise and swap for a brand-new car of $25,000 value.  It'll take the lawyers out of the mess and be the simplest way of fixing this quickly.  What happens to the old car?  Be creative, but I wouldn't allow it to stay in the US....I'd move it to Brazil or Argentina and just hope that there's a used car market there.

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