Monday, 7 December 2015

The 72

This morning....there's this odd piece of news that came out over the weekend from Boston Public Radio.  They were interviewing Rep Stephen Lynch (D) of their local guys, and he said.....well, basically, the Homeland Security guys were forced into an audit of all their people and found that 72 of them were actually on the President's terrorist watch list.

This all occurred in August and nothing much was said at the time.....other than the Homeland Security chief resigned.

I sat and pondered upon this.

To go and work at Homeland matter what part of have to do a Secret security clearance.  They go and open up folders and ensure things are OK.  They had to see that these guys were on some terrorist watch least at the review level, and this had to be known to the HR folks handling the hiring of these people.

Yet, they were hired anyway.

Once you have a Secret clearance, you get access to classified areas, and classified message traffic up to the level of Secret.  This after day.....they were able to see what was going on and ask questions.

If it'd been just three or four might not say much.  But 72?  This would mean over and over....whenever they were noted in the hiring process....someone overruled logic and hired them anyway.  What fool would do that?  Over and over?

After you hear this.....then you start to ask, did the White House hire people like this?  Are there a dozen people on the White House staff who are on some terrorist watch list?  Did the Secret Service folks hire people on the terrorist watch list?

But the reality is this.....wouldn't you prefer these potential crazy terrorist people work for Homeland Security.....instead of your local Piggly Wiggly or McDonalds?

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