Sunday, 20 December 2015

The 9-11 Memorial

One of the things I toured in New York....was the 9-11 Memorial.

If you go to NY City, it's located down in the southern part of Manhattan.....near the Wall Street area. On the list of top ten things to see in New York.....I'd rate this within the group.  There is the indoor part and some waiting there....which I might skip.  The pool area is the area that I'd spend some time on.

It's a fairly moving memorial and on this Sunday afternoon in December....probably at least three or four thousand people around the two massive pools.

I made a circle around the two pools, and read the names quietly as I passed.

Then I came to this one point....Carl Max Hammond Jr.  The last name, being a family name which I know quiet well....stuck in my mind.

After I came back this weekend, I paused and looked up the story of Carl.

It is kinda interesting.  I don't know the guy and never remember hearing anything much of the guy.  Oddly, he is from north Alabama as well.....Huntsville.

Carl grew up in the Huntsville area....had an ample amount of science skills, and eventually ended up with a PhD in Physics.  The guy at some point packed up and moved to the northeast and got a job with Mitre working on government projects......and happened to be on a plane which was hijacked and rammed into the World Trade Center.

Generally, if you are a Hammond in north come from one branch of the family tree....the "Mister Jim" clan which arrived around 1819.  So he is a long distance member of the family.

The memorial draws upon you to reflect upon the moment and what these people went through.  2,753 people died at the Twin Towers.  Each had some element of contribution in life going on.  Some had promising careers, discoveries to made, or impacts upon science and life yet to be made.  Each cut short.

After a while, you kinda walk away from the memorial with this bad taste in your mouth.  Thugs crept through the holes of our system....intimidated us.....disturbed us in ways that one cannot themselves some brief moment of insane joy of doing something for a non-existent cause.  Maybe I'm in the one-percent crowd....but the memorial didn't work on me the way that it should.  I'm probably another ten-percent intensified about the negative nature of these thugs.

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