Sunday, 6 December 2015

The Anti-Mistletoe University

I'm one of those guys who read through a bunch of articles....from dozens of newspapers....and eventually sits back to ponder upon one single item which seems to demand a lot of thought process.  You could say that I'm engrossed in the subject, or maybe I'm reflecting upon reality.

Today, there was this item where Cornell University......a mighty fine private university in upstate New York.  There's around 21,000 students who attend this fine private college, and their chief claim to that is "Cornell" name which appears on the diploma.  Tuition roughly $47,000 a year, and if you live and dine on can figure another $14,000.  With beer and pocket can figure each year at Cornell will cost Dad at least $75,000 a year.

In the real world.....Dad would have some fairly significant demands for $75,000 a year for four years.  This can't be a fake degree mill, or some kind of radical campus with riots, or some campus with trailer-trash gals running amok and harming Junior's innocence.

Cornell management came out in the past week or so and had this list of things that students ought to be aware of while in the festive Christmas season.  Yeah.....guidelines......that's what we'd say in Alabama.

So, they talked up the problems with fire hazards.  You do stupid things like attaching candles to trees, and they catch on fire.

They talked up the dangers of metallic Christmas trees and electricity.  In Bama, we'd do some stupid things and might accidentally run 110-voltage through a accident of course.

They talked about alcohol and how folks might consume more than a fair amount of booze.....which does happen in the college environment.

So, they wrap up half of this guideline stuff, and then there's this piece about how to be inclusive.

It's a puzzling word.  In Alabama, it'd typically mean that you associate with Republicans people while you politically disagree with them.  Or it might mean you associate with Church of Christ folks while you know they are in serious jeopardy.  Or it might mean you do associate with your in-laws which you can't stand them.

In this case, it means that some folks at Cornell are not Christians and they might get all frustrated and angry about you being in a Christmas-like spirit.  The fact that America has taken this route over two-hundred years and gone this Christian way? got 'visitors' around and you just got to be careful.

The college lists these items.....Menorahs, nativity scenes, crosses, Stars of David, Angels, and Mistletoe......which you ought not display when these guests are around.  They avoided mentioning the Christmas Tree....because....well....there's no Christmas for most folks without the tree.  The carols?  Well, they left that out too.

I looked at the list.  Mistletoe? It doesn't make much sense.  Course, if you pulled the stuff out on some radicalized gal.....she might get all disturbed if you swung the stuff in her direction.  Yeah, it might be awful dangerous stuff.

So I sat there and tried to ponder how you'd run some kind of Christmas theme with Muslims around.  And the answer can't.   Nor can you sit and understand Ramadan when your employee says he's completely dehydrated by noon and can't work to any real degree, and you suggest sipping some water, and he just can't do it.

Cornell is for special people who want the degree badly and think it'll pave the way for Johnny Junior or Wanda to get into $100k a year employment.  It'll get them to the New Jersey state senate in twenty years, and maybe even get them an ambassador's job somewhere down the line.

Personally, once you start handing out these oddball'd make you ask stupid questions.  Maybe there's a better place without all these special rules or suggestions.

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