Sunday, 20 December 2015

The "Late" Letter Sitting There

During my stay in New York City.....I stayed at the Roosevelt Hotel.  It was built in 1924 and was a fairly classy hotel for the next fifty-odd years.

Today, it's still a decent least by three-star standards and has a lot of historic charm left in it.

One of the odd things that it a mail point on each floor where you could write a letter in your room....put it in an envelope, and drop it into a opening where it would be deposited into a mail-box in the basement.

Yes, the letter would float down via this glass casing.....all the way to the basement.

Well....I stood on the 12th floor a few times and admired this glass casing....where this envelope was 'stuck'.  It may have been there months....perhaps even years.

One day....a maintenance guy will come along and just happen to glance up and note the letter stuck there.....and get some coat-hanger to mess with it and drop it.  It'll appear.....perhaps seven years after being mailed and the receiver will comment that it's odd he got this letter from an old friend who passed away five years ago, and there will be some 'mystery' there for the receiver to contemplate.  What happened and where was the letter sitting for the whole time?

Sometimes.....folks get around to blaming the post office for a lot of stupid things.  In some cases, they deserve the blame.  But this is one of those oddball things that just isn't the fault of the post office.

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