Tuesday, 1 December 2015

The Ninth Degree of Crazy

I have sat and read a dozen-odd reports over this Robert Dear guy out of Colorado who was in a mass-shooting episode.  I tend to skip the act itself and just ask three or four stupid questions over what they've been doing the past decade.....what drugs do they commonly use....and just how crazy did ex-wives, ex-GF's, or relatives consider the guy.  Note, it's almost always a crazy guy doing the shooting.....oddly, we don't have women ever noted much for crazy shooting.

So, the ex-wife of Dear says the guy was sitting there twenty years ago as a art dealer.

I sat and pondered over this.  Being from Bama.....I must be kinda honest....I've never met an art dealer in my life.  I've met taxidermists, hog farmers, veterinarians, tractor salesmen, buy-me-a-drink gals, Army women who could kick my ass, pretender-Republicans, postal folks, technology geeks, rocket scientists, engineers, professors, pilots, professional cooks, bartenders (a fair number of them), mechanics, mathematicians, losers with a PhD, weathermen, Civil War enthusiasts, cowboys, Buddhists, Catholics, LDS folks, truckers, gas station clerks, Piggly Wiggly clerks, one US ambassador, 'lost' reverends, 'found' reverends, journalists, pretender-journalists, pro-baseball players, and even a couple of banjo-pickers.  But I must admit.....I just haven't met any art dealers.

I won't stand here and say it's a loser profession....although the thought does race through my mind.  You basically have to be the middle guy.....where some poor gal spent six weeks working on some portrait of a pink horse standing next to a green Indian and a purple Cowboy....and try to convince some idiot that the portrait is worth $4,000....of which your cut will be as the middle-guy half of that money.  So you shell out booze and hope that some crazed guy with lots of money and a poor taste for art.....will actually be that stupid and crazy to buy the 'pink horse' portrait.

The ex-wive says that Robert's woes started up before 1997, and he was going through some type of crisis or attitude change.  He'd just haul off and assault her.  She didn't say nothing much about drug usage....but most guys don't typically slug, assault, or perform an injury on a wife....unless they are fairly drunken or drugged-up.  The ex-wife finally said enough around 2002, and they described the guy as mostly a guy without any crazy tendencies.....well.....other than aggressive violence against her.

Other folks talked up the last couple years of Robert's life in Colorado....noting he lived mostly in some cabin in Colorado....seemed a bit detached from reality.....appearing like some guy who was on some zombie-like daze.

For years, I've been waiting for some guy to sit down and write the end-all-tell-all book on the nine degrees of crazy.  Being from Bama, I have a special appreciation of crazy.  Most folks from Bama will admit that roughly a quarter of population are just a bit on the crazy side.....some more....some less....some on the far-far-far side of crazy.  Course, when the crazy reaches a level of safety being threatened.....we are about the same as everyone else....it's time to put the guy in some facility and lock the door.

My humble guess is that Robert was one of those guys who got a fair bit of profits at some stage....took to smoking marijuana several times a day to lessen the stress upon him, and just got to some point where he's in a dazed state of mind for roughly twenty hours a day.

The sad thing is that in the daily travels that each of us have now.....we likely come across four or five such characters, and it's only 'luck' that helps us make it through the day....alive.  All these guys or gals....on the ninth degree of crazy and hyped on some really good marijuana....and we as potential victims somehow survive.  Pretty good odds....don't you think?

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