Monday, 28 December 2015

The Spring-Winter

This is one of the oddest winters that I've seen in my entire life.  Since the middle of December here in central Germany....there hasn't been a single day that the temperature has gone down below freezing.  No freezing.

So yesterday, with the fourth straight day of sunshine and the daytime temperature rising up to 65 degrees....I came to notice on two shrubs around the corner of the house.....buds are coming out.  The shrubs are in some belief that spring has arrived and gone into a slight bloom.

I'm sitting here and shaking my head.  Heat-wise....since 1 October when I hit the "on" button....I doubt if I've used more than half of what I'd normally use for natural gas.  Scrapping ice off the car window?  There's been three single mornings since October where I had to scrap ice.

To some should make most people happy with the sunshine and limited rainfall.....and weather warm enough to almost wear shorts (at least at mid-day).  But Germans aren't that type of people.  They expect snow (at least up to your ankle), and a cold breeze from the north.  They are in some way....disenchanted with this mild situation.

More of the same?  I sat and looked at the seven-day chart.  Maybe by might finally go below the freezing point, with a half inch of snow predicted for Saturday night or Sunday morning.  But that means at least five more days of spring-like weather and more trees/shrubs coming out in some bloom phase.  It's a harsh reality, if you ask me.

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