Sunday, 6 December 2015

The Thing about Pendulums

Liberty University president Jerry Falwell Jr spoke up Friday and said that he was urging students there to carry concealed weapons with them on the counter any conceivable attack.

Some folks were supportive.....some folks were hostile about this.  From the campus itself....just about everyone supported the idea.

There was a time in the country when people carried weapons on themselves.....twenty-four hours a days a week.  The pilgrims brought swords and blunderbuss.

When you get into the 1700s and the various Indian Wars that were going on....most everyone in the 'frontier' had weapons on themselves or within fifty feet throughout their entire lives. Every kid was taught on the use of a weapon by the time that they had physical abilities to handle such a weapon.

It is not until you get to the early 1800s....when the majority of Americans in the civilized areas of the nation could finally put the weapons within the house and only required it on certain occasions.  You can find various communities in the US where guns were strictly for hunting purposes only and the need for defense simply evaporated.

When you talk of civilization and the need for a weapon in the region west of the Mississippi before the was absolutely mandatory that you had a weapon on you, your horse, or in the wagon. Go read upon any trail experience in the way west.....and everyone will note ammo and weapons among the items carried.

The potential for a threat in Alabama (my home state) didn't really lessen until the Creek Indian War ended in 1814.  For an entire generation around this time period....people still carried weapons in some fear but the significant usage of weapons centered on hunting from that point on.

It is not until you get to roughly the 1880s time period that a vast majority of Americans feel safe enough to travel and pursue personal interests without toting a weapon of some type on themselves.

We can say that from various stages and events....since the early 1900s....Americans have had reasons on their mind to have a gun within their vehicle or on themselves.  We can even cite the San Ysidro McDonalds shooting in 1984 where twenty-one people were killed as a turning point where the public asked themselves if the need existed to carry a weapon on a daily basis.

The statistical folks will tell you that 300 million guns exist in the US today.  It's not a reliable number and it represents more of a guess than anything else.

What the Liberty University President is suggesting is a mentality that people will get used to lugging some pistol on themselves in a daily way.  When you get up and go to work.....there will be a Ruger 38 on you....or perhaps a Sig P238.  When you go shopping at Piggly Wiggly....somewhere in the jacket will be a Walther P22 "Q" model pistol.  When your daughter leaves for evening classes at the local college.....she will have a Colt 1911 in her purse.

As time would will occur where some guy walked into a grocery robbery and shot some drugged-up punk kid who was robbing the place and threatening to kill folks.  The guy will shoot the punk dead and potential deaths down the road from the punk won't exist.  Next week.....another guy from your neighborhood will shoot down some thug who was going to kill his wife at work....preventing another needlessness death.

Eventually, we will start a new statistical chart called 'dead thugs stopped'.   People will be disturbed by the chart trend and suggest that regular people are killing too many thugs.  It's just not right.  Thugs deserve a chance in life.   Some President will even be stupid enough to say this in public and think it'll gain him votes from the pro-thug lobby.

Some guy will ultimately rise to be mayor of Chicago.....who finally suggests to everyone....get a gun and go armed.  Yeah, over one brief summer....several hundred punks will be shot on the street in a massive public reaction to violence.  Then, oddly.....suddenly people start acting civil in public and Chicago starts to go an entire month without a killing.

The pendulum has two ends to where people have absolute trust and one where you have absolute distrust.  It's swinging toward absolute distrust presently and there's not much you can do politically or with laws to prevent that swing.  Eventually.....after forcing respect upon people with a harsh method.....the pendulum will start to go back the other direction.  We are still years away from that point though.

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Just a supporting comment.

In April of this year, an Uber driver stopped a would be mass shooter in Chicago.