Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Trump's Statement

I've sat today and been kinda amazed at the amount of support and fair amount of negativity over Donald Trump's Muslim statement.  In essence, he's said that denial of entry.....for a temporary period to ensure methods and measures on entry actually work.....could be utilized....to include tourists as well.

That set off a bunch of Muslims, a fair number of journalists, some Europeans, and the big 'boys' of the Republican Party.

Oddly, if you look across the internet.....a lot of regular people, people claiming to be past Democrats and legal minds tend to say that Trump has a point.

I would offer these four observations.  First, for over 1,300 years.....the Muslim religion has had this opportunity to reform and progress to a peaceful religion.  It has not entertained the idea.  There are people who want everyone to know that they are peaceful Muslims.....but then you read over the Quran piece where it's perfectly legit and right to lie to a non-believer.....and you just start to grin with the 'good-Muslim-bad-Muslim' piece of logic.

Second, Trump says it's a temporary idea to review what the rules are and if we are screwing up.  Obviously, the visa application of this gal in California was conducted with a fraud statement and it got by the visa folks.  Why?  We might want to answer that before allowing anyone else to enter.

Third, there are dozens of other fine countries where you can go if you practice Islam and really need to visit some other country.  I'd suggest Mexico.

Fourth, if I were depending on leadership from various members of the House and Senate Republicans.....I'm still be waiting on leadership ideas.  What I see and hear....is political chit-chat.  Maybe they need to just stay busy with politics and leave leadership to executives.

I'm really not much of a Trump believer.....but I'm getting the sense of some idiots wanting to lay blame on someone who seems to be the only idea-guy in the room.  It just seems odd.  Probably the cynical side of myself.....I'd rather find someone more worthy than a professor for the job of President.

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