Thursday, 1 January 2015

Hemingway Journalism Still Around

We used to have journalists who could write, if required, like Hemingway or Steinbeck. Somewhere over the past fifty years....that talent disappeared.

I noticed an article written on piece written by Mike Spies.  Mike decided to visit the Eric Garner grave in Linden, New Jersey.  Garner....if you remember...was the big-burly guy who sold loose cigarettes on the streets of New York, and was involved in a episode where the cops wanted to arrest him and he just wasn't going to cooperate.  They ended up putting into some type of hold....which resulted eventually in him dying.  You could review this a hundred ways and have a hundred opinions.

Mike Spies didn't care for that part of the story.  What Mike did....was old fashioned journalism.  He actually decided to go out to the grave-site of the guy, and give you an honest and humble view of the site and the activities since the burial.  Frankly, there's not much to report.

Mike arrived and had to ask some gal at the entrance of the cemetery for directions to the grave, and then he gave this epic-Hemingway-style response:  "A kind woman with a tattoo on her chest directed me to an area....".

It's a visual description.  You could sit there for hours...going through the description...'a kind woman with a tattoo".

Hemingway would have taken the directions to the grave, but stopped to ask the lady fifty-odd questions.  Was the tattoo something from a past love, or just from a drunken episode one evening?  Was kindness a difficult thing to display these days?  Do you have many people coming by each day to ask directions?

It's like watching the evening news and what you see is mostly marginal stuff that a 2nd-year college kid could put together.  The slanted stuff?  It's done in such a way that even a twelve-year-old kid can recognize there are pieces to the story missing, and mostly done to fake you into some belief.

As for the Garner story?  If you read the whole thing, you come to the point of realizing that there isn't much over the rest of the story.  For a brief ten was a four-star situation, and then it ended.  Not much else.