Thursday, 22 January 2015

The Mayor of Paris Episode

Over the last couple of days, the mayor of Paris has gotten awful peeved and now says they will seek to sue Fox News in court, because during the recent shooting episode....Fox News said Paris has "No-go" zones (meaning areas of the city that folks don't wander into because it's Muslim-controlled.  She says....there are no such zones.

This might actually go into some court.....likely New York City, and turn into a fairly interesting episode.

So, at some point.....Fox News will hire a French lawyer (my humble guess) and he's going to walk around Paris and talk to current cops and retired cops.  These French cops are going to tell the story of how they don't go to certain areas of the city when called....unless in force (more than two cops), and they really don't want to go after dark unless it's a fair number of cops.

The case will develop, enter into the court phase, and some retired cops will likely appear to state what they know is obvious.  The judge will be listening and then start to look at the Paris mayor's lawyer and just wink.  It's a lost case at that point.  Maybe it's not a No-go area....but it's only one step away and it'll be hard to press forward.

Most cities in Europe have a drug quarter....Berlin has one....Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Rome, etc.  Cops will tell you it's best to walk quickly through in the daytime, and avoid at night.  Frankfurt's avoidance zone for drugs is the block or two around the train-station.  A number of cities have ghetto areas that became problem areas that are unsolvable.  You can't do anything but watch from a distance, and avoid.

Maybe the Paris mayor will wise up and just let this simmer for six months before going away.  Maybe some lawyers will alert her that it just isn't winnable.