Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The Effects of a Blizzard

When you say the term "blizzard"....folks react.  Some react a bit differently than you'd expect.  Some might ask if this is a "real blizzard" or just a "mini blizzard"?  Some folks immediately have a thought in their heads....do they have enough bread and milk....while some guys think about the garage refrigerator and there are only two cases of beer in it.

In the years I lived in Bama....there just wasn't any blizzards.  We might have had an inch of snow one year, and there might have been a three-star ice-storm another year.  When I arrived in Virginia in 2010....within two weeks....we had a two-foot episode with snowfall.  Oddly, I began to realize that food did matter and by the third day....I was down to just some cans of Campbell's soup and peanut butter.

This week, folks got all hyped up on the blizzard talk and bought as much as they could load into the car.  I'm not saying they were crazy or wrong, but they might have bought dozens of items that they won't eat, and it'll spoil by the time that the blizzard enters the fourth day.

If you go back a hundred years....blizzards were interesting periods that you mostly sat around, drank coffee, and went crazy with 'cabin-fever'.  Farmers would stand in their barn....trying to find odd ways to be productive....while women washed clothing and tried to occupy themselves while waiting for the storm to end.  To be kinda honest.....ninety-nine percent of blizzards last for about twelve to eighteen hours....dumping a fair amount of snow.  The episodes where it last for thirty-six hours and dumps three feet of snow?  It's rare.....awful rare.

What I usually worry about isn't really the blizzard. It's the cold front that comes up from behind it and settles in for a week or two weeks.  The snow never melts.  You wait and wait....trying to get to work when the road is barely clear and totally snowed up....frozen for the most part.  Around 2004, we had this snowstorm around Xmas....which had a five-week period arrive where the temperature stayed at freezing or below for the whole five weeks.  Nothing melted.  It took almost an entire week when the temperature did rise above 32-degrees....for things to melt.

Across the northeast....guys are now into blizzard mode and will talk about this for years....what they did or didn't do....what they ate.....and how the six cases of beer simply weren't enough.  Epic times.....will be the memory event here.