Sunday, 15 February 2015

The Mobility Scooter Story

I'll point occasional developments out from Europe.

Today, it's a British trend which got noticed.  Last year (2014) five British folks died from mobility scooter accidents.  Another seventeen Brits were seriously injured and required an ambulance.  And 102 Brits were slightly injured and simply noted in some police report.

All of this got some political folks hyped up (it doesn't take much in Britain to trigger that) they want all mobility scooter riders to take a training course of some type.

No one is saying precisely what will be in the course....but they think the danger level now exists.  Based on numbers....there are roughly 300,000 mobility scooters now operating in the UK, and they fall under the medical-items rules....not road rules.

Naturally, a guy from Bama would ask some questions about such a course.

Will there be some kind of license now required, since the course is required.

Will there be an age mandate worked into this....where you have to be at least ten years old to operate such a vehicle?

Could a guy get a ticket for bad-driving?

Might insurance now be required for such vehicles?

What if you fail the course.....over and over....will you deny the mobility scooter for the gal?

Will there be tags for such vehicles in the future?

Who will be the instructors?  Will you have to license the instructors?

Will there be a inner-city license versus a rural license?

If cops cite you......could you lose your license for a week or two?

In Bama, we have this attitude about things.....when something becomes popular.....the political folks always want to get into the middle of it.  Kind of like fishing, hunting, drinking and demolition derby.   Each now has some laws and license involved.

My humble guess is that by the end of 2016....there will be a mandated course when you buy a mobility scooter, with some stupid license, and a marginal test which means very little.

The five folks who died in mobility scooter crashes?  Well....oddly, they don't tell the story of the five and I would imagine each was stupid enough to drive their scooter out on some highway or major street....thinking they were safe, when they weren't safe.  Maybe if you just told the story of the five in some short sixty-second video....we could avoid this whole mandated class thing.

Anyway.....just a humble view on mobility scooters.