Friday, 20 February 2015

The Bathroom Discussion

Various political agendas have started up at city and state levels over the past year or two over an odd topic.....transgender folks needing to use a public toilet of their choosing.  This mostly started up around bigger cities, where urban priorities were falling around the LBGT folks.  Naturally, a second side woke up in the middle of these discussions and arguments.....preferring that things stay kinda use the public toilet of your birth-sex.  As you might guess.....these argument intensified.

A smart guy would ask....across the entire United States.....three-hundred million many are transgender?  There's not a real database to really use.  From 2011.....a foundation did some research and claimed that they came to a fairly decent number.....which was 0.3-percent.  This, if correct and matched up against three-hundred million residents....would mean that 900,000 folks present fit into the transgender category.

Now, a guy from Bama would stand up and note that they've never met such a their vast travels across the state or even up into Tennessee or Kentucky.  Well, that might be true.....but then you didn't travel across to Baltimore, Orlando, or Seattle.  And you likely didn't hit the right bars.

If a guy or gal did happen to develop into a transgender type.....they'd likely pick a major urban area where other transgender folks hang out.  So, in a small town in Tennessee of 25,'s unlikely you might bump into such a person....normally.

What qualifies you to fit into this lifestyle?  You either do an operation of sorts to get things rigged up the way you want, or you just kinda pretend this is the new lifestyle....without any modifications.

The connection to the toilet deal?  When a guy has to go.....he has to go.  Doesn't matter if he's a pure guy or some modified guy-turned-gal.

The problem comes up when you go off to some library in some major town, and you come to realize some guy without all the modifications or body changes.....has arrived in the women's bathroom, and there might be old ladies or young girls in the room who might take offense to this situation.  It's kinda like you had a pet thing with rattlesnakes and took one with you in a bag to the library, and he needed some water.....folks might get peppy if you dragged your rattlesnake out and dosed him with library water in the sink of the women's bathroom....while dressed in a fine satin cheapo thing from Big K, which brings out your lady-like character.

My solution to this whole mess is to go back to out-houses.  You know.....that four-foot by four-foot wood building out back the house or facility.  If you go back to the pre-1920s of Alabama.....most stores had a toilet, but it was a out-house.  A guy or gay went to the multi-purpose facility.....did their regular or overloaded as they were, and then they left.

I realize.....we've come a long way, but there's just no way to fix this without some folks getting upset.

Now, since I am a pondering sort of guy.....I do have one other thing that has come up in my mind.  Eventually, while we are pretty scientific and creative....we will come to create not just men-converted-women and women-converted-men, but we will have oddball science fiction creations which are not male or female.

You creatures you saw on Star Trek or Star Gate.

A guy might spend three years studying weird things and decide that he needed to be some alien creature type thing, with four ways of getting stuff out of the rear end.  He might decide that a 3rd ear needs to be added.....a third boob.....and maybe some fancy cat-like tail that dangles a good three foot.

What toilet will these folks use?  With this addition of three more devices to get crap out of you.....there might be a need for a whole table-like device in the toilet, with a waterhose, and some large bucket.  I don't think guys or gals would appreciate something like that in their current toilet.

All this that building codes are going to be written up over the next thirty years to have six different toilets on every floor, and a vast army of janitors will be around to clean just about every kind of crap possible......from a wide variety of folks with different agendas.

I's the kind of stuff that you'd prefer your Democrats or Republicans to just avoid, and work on top priorities (potholes, legalization of marijuana, improvement of ditches, water treatment facilities, hookers reported with local ministers, and interstate highway improvements).  But, life is life, and just being normal.....isn't transforming yourself into trailer transexual-women, or fake men with rubber attachments.