Monday, 23 February 2015

The Mall Scenario

The Mall of America is now mentioned by some ISIS group as the next big target in the US.  I sat and read through the reports and pondered upon this.

Bloomington, Minn is a fair sized city, and the Mall of America is a big operation.  The state makes around $2 billion a year off taxes and fees from the operation.  Reportedly, the mall not only runs their own security force but also an anti-terrorism group (at least NPR claims that in a report from four years ago).

When you sit and look at some threat like kinda wonder if these 'bad guys' have some idea about what they might face.  You can figure what an average least five-percent of the folks in the mall carry a handgun in their purse or within their jacket.

Unlike cases that have unfolded in Europe or Africa....on a good day, there might be 500 folks armed to some degree within a typical mall, and another 500 who have a weapon in their truck or car.  If they retreat from the'd best not assume they are simply retreating and leaving.....they are simply going to pick up their shotgun or pistol from the truck, and return for action.

As silly as it sounds.....four stupid Islamic teenagers on some jihadist adventure might find themselves within sixty seconds facing off forty civilians prepared to erase their existence from this earth.  We aren't talking about a marginal caliber weapon....they might be carrying some decent firepower.

Here's the other odd thing about this whole scenario.  For several decades....folks have been arming themselves to face off a simple robber or nutcase.  Let's say we change the scenario slightly....where one single group of three dimwit Islamic teens think they might test people in a mall or public situation.  Within a month of such an might find people now convinced to haul not just a Walther PPK, with a .380 round possibility....but to have it only as weapon number one.  Somewhere in the truck will be the Saiga 12 shotgun, with the ten-round magazine.  Next to it....will be the third AR-15.

A guy packs up each morning.  He's got his hot thermos bottle with coffee.....some donuts....his charged-up tablet....his PPK....his Saiga 12 and his AR-15.  Couple of punks decide to test society at some local mall.....this guy and a dozen other such guys climb out of the cab of their truck, and take the punks down in sixty seconds.

With such scenarios in place....the anti-gun crowd is finished.  They won't be able to pursue anyone to give up their weapons....ever.