Friday, 27 February 2015

Capitalism, the Internet, and Three Guys

I put a few hours each year into reading on economic theory.  One of those topics is the replacement cycle of capitalism and free trade.

In our midst, there are thousands of individuals with the general drive and agenda to take down capitalism.  Their feelings run along these lines: (1) society is being limited, (2) classes of people are unfair, (3) people are unfairly using their assets for purposes which run counter or against society, and (4) happy people would benefit equal portions of ownership.

I will sit and listen to the arguments and then pause to hear the replacement for capitalism and free trade.  Rarely are solutions put on the table.  When they are put on the begin to realize that someone has to stand in the middle of life and force life decisions down up on the people at the table.  A fair person?  That's never injected into the scenario.

For some reason, I don't see capitalism or free trade ever going away.  The best you can do....are 'brakes' put upon the system and simply slow things down slightly.  Call it a hybrid capitalism system or impure doesn't matter.

This week, we got an example of a 'brake' with the FCC deciding that they can take over the internet management game.....doing it to protect American society.  By their mind, if someone offers up faster network speed at a more expensive's unfair.  The FCC would like to step in and stop such practices.

The internet today?  It thrives off non-existent 'brakes'.  If you had suggested twenty years ago you'd be able to make free phone calls off the one would have believed you.  If you'd suggested that a South Carolina guy could search for a one-of-a-kind 1953 Ford tractor, and find it in Honduras.....working the deal and getting it delivered to South one would have believed you.  If you had said a guy could post a repair video for outboard motors and save you $500 by doing the work one would have believed you.

The internet has been unlimited.  It has changed an entire society.  Now?  Five guys (or really three of the members which represent a majority) will be the personal 'brakes' of the internet for the United States.  Three guys working for you?  No.  Nor is there any mechanism for you to stop something that you dislike....other than voting out the President and hoping the next guy will fix the issue.

Somewhere in this mess of yesterday.....three guys felt they were the solution to a non-existent problem.  The question left now.....what issues will they justify their existence?