Monday, 2 March 2015

Jack Daniels Wisdom over Tuition Costs

Just to make an odd comparison with a bottle of booze and college tuition in 1970.

Let us assume that a plain bottle of Jack Daniels in 1970 cost around $4.  Today, a bottle of Jacky D's in Bama will cost you $23.95 (maybe less with a sale discount going on).

If you applied regular cost increases of college'd be 1194-percent, since 1970.

So a bottle of Jacky D's today....if you used the same numbers.....$44 minimum.  Roughly half the rate of what college tuition is.

A rational guy would pause over this and do two things.  First, there ought to be some way of bottling up college tuition and selling it like a mutual fund because it's guaranteed to only go up, and if you offered folks some stock $10,000 in value today and it's guaranteed to go up by 1194-percent in forty years.....folks would buy into this in bulk.

The second thing?  You might want to go ahead and buy a pallet of Jack Daniels now because at the going rate in'll be $60 a bottle.

Testicle Story

Sometimes, as I read through the couple dozen newspapers from around the globe....I come across this one oddball story which makes no sense.

Out in India, there's this guy.  He has a bio of himself, and lists out his 'skills' (singer, art director, music director, writer, autobiographer, philanthropist, sports guy, and spiritual saint).  Yeah......spiritual saint.

A guy from Alabama would look upon spiritual saint as a full-time occupation by itself.  Usually, if you really push might be able to confess in public that you have three real skills in life.  Hunter or fisherman would be no problem to reach some status upon.  If you were a farmer, you might want to show some success at the occupation before bragging in public.  A carpenter would need to at least build a barn or garage before he put the occupation on his business card.  A political figure might want to win at least one election before saying he was a politician in his bio. An Army guy would have to participate in one war or campaign before he considered himself as significant.

This Indian guy.....Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh....kinda started out as a pop star.  He had a couple of tunes, got noticed by some younger Indians, and briefly was of some status that you'd today say was a washed-up 1980s pop star.  At some point, he slipped out of the pop star business and got into being a Indian TV preacher.

Things kinda went upward to some degree for Singh.  He had some wealth....TV time....and faithful followers.  Over the past couple of months though....there's been some serious accusations going on against Singh.

Apparently, in his talks over what God and him have discussed.....Singh let it be known that you, as a guy....needed to be closer to God, and there's only one way to get to that level....castration.  Yeah, removing your manly nature.

Somehow, Singh convinced what is believed to be a group of 400-odd guys that this simple procedure could be done at some clinic that he sponsors.

It's hard to say how testicles really fit into some dialog with communication to God.  Maybe if there was some heavy 'weed' involved, or a fair amount of alcohol.....a guy might get testicle-stupid (the best word I can think of), and do something like this.

In Alabama, over some alcohol-laced weekend.....a guy might get stupid enough to get a couple of tattoo's done (as long as his cash reserves were positive), spend some time with a Memphis hooker (until his money ran out), or buy an overly powerful speedboat which he wrecks along the second hour on the river.  It's hard to say if we'd get to the level of wanting to know God so bad.....that we disposed of our testicles.

I could see this discussion going on between a minister and three or four guys.  Back and close are you now, and how much closer would you like to be.....would be the minister's talk.  The guys would be a bit confused.....asking if this was free, and if it might hurt.  Most guys would eventually wise up and walk away......feeling relieved hours later when they realized just how stupid this suggestion might be.

Four hundred guys.....walking around without testicles.  What the Indian press suggests is that most are a bit disturbed now by this, but they don't want to really say anything because it makes them look absolutely foolish.

Meanwhile, Singh continues his ministry business and talking up the idea of getting closer relations to God.  Fortunately for us in the US....washed-up rock stars of the 1980s.....usually just fad away or sell car wax on late night TV commercials.  We don't end up with these guys selling least not yet.