Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The Hillary Woes

I sat and watched CNN last night....covering the lead into the Hillary Clinton press conference, and the conference itself.

First, on Hillary.....basically, nothing more than what had been written in various publications of the past two weeks. She admitted that it probably wasn't right but it was a method of convenience.  Then she commented on exchanging emails with Bill (odd, because Bill doesn't text or write he claims in public).

Second, Hillary kinda admits that she deleted half the emails on this getting those now?  Zero chance.

Third, I come to the weird method of operation at CNN.  I don't have access to MSNBC or Fox in for this type of coverage, I have no choice.

CNN ran the episode with Blitzer.  Wolfe was at his best and did a fair amount of decent analysis.....I won't discredit him for making an effort.

CNN brought in David Gergen.....a former White House assistant....half-Republican, half-Democrat, half-lobbyistcrat.  He'd worked on the Clinton administration, and knew the various problems associated with Hillary.

So, Gergen sits down and explains why Hillary acts this way when Blitzer wanted the logic to this.  Gergen says that as problems developed with Bill's administration.....they surrounded themselves with lawyers, and the lawyers told them to keep every single detail hidden from view.  So Hillary learned quickly use what tools existed....and ensure the public is kept from your situation.  It was probably the best explanation that I've heard yet on why this email episode occurred.

But then a 2nd CNN guy jumped in and wanted the connection to the 'evil-Republicans' commented upon by Gergen and this was why Hillary learned to be this way.  All of this lead back to the 1990s and how the evil-Republicans were after the innocent and pure the CNN expert wanted Gergen to tell the story.

Typical CNN slant.  It would normally work.   Except when you pull this time-line business.....the question is....when does the time-line start?

In the mid-1970s, with the Watergate episode unfolding.....Hillary (not connected to Bill at the time) was a player in the Democrats effort to bring down the Nixon White House.  At some point during the investigation.....Hillary was fired (some argue released because there wasn't any more work to be done).  Hillary, along with several individuals who come up later as major players in the Clinton White House, conspired to some degree to deny Nixon legal counsel.

The old style Democrats on the Watergate Commission went kinda nuts when this behavior came out and regarded it was simply wrong.  The telling point of this termination?  The guy over her (Zeifman) did not write a letter of recommendation for her as she left.  He has said different things over the years, and tried to clear up some original comments where he noted that he fired her....then eased off and has tried to explain it as simply letting her go.

Republicans who knew the inner-workings of the Watergate Commission....knew at that point that Hillary was a problem.  For the CNN analyst to suggest that this started in the 1990s as she was a, she already got target status there in 1974/75 era.

Over the past month or two....CNN has tried to remodel themselves and earn back viewers.  They've let some folks go, and brought in some new folks to appeal to middle-of-the-road viewers.  After watching the episode yesterday.....I'd say they haven't let enough folks go yet, and are not yet ready for regaining viewers.

As for Hillary?  I thought the news conference was awful lame....the questions were likely designed ahead of time with answers scripted....and you got basically nothing.

The odd thing?  For fourteen days, nothing has been spoken in German news outlets.  Nothing on Channel One or Two.  Nothing much in the newspapers.  As far as Germans are concerned.....they know nothing.  Leading on Monday night?  They talked up the Republican's letter to Iran.....topic one and fairly slanted.  Oddly, not a single German knows about Hillary's woes.  If you went around the'd have to be in some prison with limited access to news to know nothing.