Monday, 16 March 2015

White versus Neon?

I'm a old-fashioned guy.  As a kid....there was basically one color for underwear, t-shirts and undershirts....white.

Well, things have changed.

Today, I was over in Mainz for a vendor fair, and came to this one booth.  Neon yellow, neon green, neon pink, etc.....were all available.  Not just for women, but for guys as well.

After joining the Air Force, I got use to green t-shirts, and a couple of years later.....I got use to black t-shirts.

But this multi-color thing?  It's hard to say that I can buy off on the forty different colors, especially for a guy.

I suspect if you cornered most guys.....they'd admit a preference to just white underwear, and maybe three colors for t-shirts (white, grey, and black).

A trend?  No.  I think in five years.....we will have done the forty-color thing and retreated back to some simple basic colors.