Saturday, 18 July 2015

The Chattanooga Episode

I've read a fair amount over the past two days of this Chattanooga recruiter station shooting with the Muslim guy.  I went through a couple of local pieces by the Chattanooga networks, a couple of national pieces, and I've come to three basic observations.

First, this young guy.....the Muslim....Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez had likely reached a point not just six months ago, but probably even three or four years ago.....that'd he'd go and do something really stupid.  This was a suicide plan carried out from a long-term plan.  He had nothing on the positive side of life and this was supposed to define his 'legend' or his path to some other world.  As stupid and naive as it sounds....that's pretty much his whole character of his adult life.

Second, while people go and hear this comment over and over....."Islam is a peaceful religion".....there's a second theme out there in the Quran, which basically says.....lying to non-Muslims is perfectly OK.  It's prescribed by Muhammad, and you can turn on a dime with a five-star lie, and it never matters.  You can state that lie on some national news program or chat forum, with an absolute grin and pretend it's true when you know absolutely otherwise.  No personal quilt.  Think about personal feelings over the matter how big or small it was.

When some guy or gal stands up (a non-Muslim) and they say they have a personal friend in some Muslim co-worker or associate.....well.....they might until they realize one day that a lie occurred.  When they stand there and ask 'why'......there just won't be any real explanation.  Then the reality creeps over the poor non-Muslim as they realize it was intentional and without any emotion.  Yeah, they were deceived.  Can a non-Muslim ever carry on some meaningful relationship with a Muslim?  Once you realize the lie implication could easily occur.....there's this line that develops.  It's not going to be a friendship existing.....if you ask me.

Third, if I were a curious reporter.....I'd ask what religious facility this guy attended, and then work on getting a list of instructors at the facility.  One of them......recruited this guy and worked on him for months to get him to the right attitude.  This guy was in the heart of Tennessee.....which ought to bring some folks to more questions.  The national reporters?  I doubt if they really care.  The local guys?  Maybe it's something worth asking.

If you think this is a singular event, you might be wrong.