Monday, 20 July 2015

The Consequences of Stupid Rules

There is an effort underway to have Social Security tied to a rule that says......"marked subnormal intelligence or mental illness, incompetency, condition or disease" will cease your ability to own or buy weapons.

It's an odd deal.  It won't be coming out of the House or Senate......this is an executive office deal and yet to be finalized.  What the rule will suggest is that once you get onto Social Security and their database.....and you get identified with subnormal intelligence, your gun rights disappear.  It'll bring on a number of folks to defend the mental illness folks, which is a slippery slope to be on.....if you ask me.

But this brings on numerous consequences.  What if you have identified a Senator or House member with incompetency?  Will you remove him or her?  What happens if you have a sitting President who shows mental illness.....will this type of rule remove them?

Voting rights?  Well....yeah, if you are so incompetent and can't handle a can you handle a simple vote?  Course, this would mean a national ID card and having to show it when you attempt to register to vote....something that freaks out some Democrats.

Can you allow this person to buy smokes or booze?  That's another curious consequence.

Could you allow such a person to even have a bank account, own a house, or even drive a car?  Could we remove your driver's license?

What is hinted in various articles is that the White House has already done the homework and know around 2.5 million people might fall into this category.  How many own weapons?  Unknown.  In the south, if some relative gets nutty enough....relatives come and remove their weapons from the home or trailer.  They do this without any law or judge's order.

I'm not sure of the competency of the folks in the White House and if they really thought much about this Pandoras Box.  Once you open it.....tons of problems can occur, and it gets pretty messy.