Friday, 24 July 2015

The Kepler 452b Discussion

There's a lot of talk over this new planet found....Kepler 452b.  They think it's a Earth-like planet, 1,400 light years from Earth.....with water.  So far, it's the most Earth-like planet they've come across.  Naturally, this suggests the idea of life and this gets folks all excited.

I have a natural curiosity about such things and probably have spent more than a fair amount of time examining the issue of other planets and possible life.

I've come to this one observation.  Earth was pretty much on a process of life which was heavily determined by dinosaurs.  The predator-like process of life on Earth for millions of years.....was run by the dinosaurs and NOT by humans.  Only after a couple of chaotic events where dinosaurs got wiped out.....did humans gain the upper hand and flourish.

On another planet?'s the thing.  If they didn't have some meteor hit the planet....there's a pretty high probability that the dinosaurs still rule the process of the planet and whatever humans exist.....are in a marginal status of survival (worrying about food and being hunted are their only priorities).  Getting to an advanced stage?  It'll never happen without the meteor wiping out the it did here.

So, it's a million-to-one chance that you ever find a living planet....where dinosaurs have died off and humans are flourishing.  You might find tons of living planets with dinosaurs or similar creatures.  But beyond that?  No.

I suspect in a hundred years.....we will have the capacity to travel at great speeds, and make this trip to Kepler 452b, and kinda discover that there's a lot of dinosaurs there but humans never get ahead on the power curve.

The natural question to ask here.....would we assist these cave-like humans in some way upon finding the situation as it is....killing off their dinosaurs and helping to advance to the next step?  Would we have some ethical debate with the pro-dinosaur crowd and the pro-human crowd?  Would we be on harsh mission of sorts, with serious implications about helping to advance the right crowd or wrong crowd?

Oddly, the minute that word got back to Earth.....a bold new planet has been explored and tons of dinosaurs discovered....I imagine that thousands of people would want to do a tour of the planet and experience dinosaurs first-hand.

In a way, I guess I'm even a bit excited about Kepler 452b.

Bowe and the Weed Raid

Our 'swap-soldier'.....Bowe Bergdahl......who is still waiting on a court episode with the into a difficult situation this past week.  It's noted in the news (probably page six on most papers), that a county sheriff pot raid occurred at some farm house, and here in the middle of the house....was Bowe.

What is generally least by the sheriff's that Bowe wasn't part of the growing operation or the ownership.  He was detained and the authorities called the Army to ask about his status.  The Army noted he was supposed to be on leave, and in northern California....which is the location that he was found.

Course, the Army wanted to retrieve Bowe and a meeting was arranged where the Army picked the guy up.

What happens next?  In the 1990s.....if you got into a situation like this....the military would kindly ask you to provide a urine sample within a couple of hours after they got you back into their possession.  It'll take a couple of days for the sample to get tested, and the results come back.  "Hot"? get called to the commander's office and they read you a statement, and there's a process which goes into effect.  In most cases, in less than ninety will get released with a dishonorable discharge.

In this case?  I'm not going to suggest that the Army will drug-test Bowe when he gets back to post.  He's already in a fair amount of trouble, and this?  Well....they are probably shaking their heads and thinking that's the type of character they recruited and shouldn't have had high expectations with the guy.

As for Bowe and the relationship to this particular pot-farm?  That might be a curious question to ask.  Maybe it was just a friendly meeting with no marijuana connection.  Maybe they were going to chat over NFL teams for 2016.  Maybe it was just an accidental meeting where Bowe stopped for directions and they were chatting about the weather when the cops pulled up with a search warrant. You just don't know what the whole thing was about.

Course, if you were writing a script for a tv movie.....I'd say they just added another twenty-minute piece onto the movie.  I'm suspecting.....more to come.