Tuesday, 28 July 2015

What If Trump Wins Iowa?

First, Trump shouldn't win Iowa.....my humble opinion.

There are ninety-nine reasons why it shouldn't happen.  If you sat down with some Iowa journalist....he'd naturally give you the full listing and just hint that it won't happen.

But, let's go with this odd thing that Trump connects to farmers and small town people.  Trump says something that makes them think twice over how they'd normally see a political figure.  Then Trump gets forty-odd percent of Iowa folks charged up to go along with him.

The evening reaction by CNN and the rest?  I think they'd be standing there in shock.  Blitzer might even ask for ten minutes to go and have a triple-double of something, and regain his composure.  Depending on how bad some of the 5th and 6th place guys do....Iowa might be the end for them.

The donor guys for the remaining five-odd players will then have a meeting and debate how they need to approach the whole thing.  Maybe a new strategy.  Maybe a new advertising gimmick.  Maybe go and look for some scandal in Trump's past.  The trouble is...you've got less than two weeks before things really get heated.  If you were really messed up with Trump worries....you've got very little time to renovate this program and go after Trump.

So the suggestion here is....if you don't want a Trump-wave to be active in January and February.....you'd best get ahead now and find a way to push Trump back in Iowa.