Thursday, 6 August 2015

Simply Observations

First, there's a great storyline over at the British Telegraph over oil prices and the Saudi strategy in play, which is mostly now a failure.  Somewhere in the middle is this graphic chart where oil producers have their bottom line for making their state budget work.  Right now....Norway and Kuwait make just enough off the $60 price listing for make their budgets.  Sadly, Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia don't make enough and are eating up what financial capital they had.....and likely borrowing to meet yearly budgets.  Another year or two of $60 a barrel prices?  In the case of Iran, they probably won't make it....but in a twist of sorts because of the nuke treaty with the US.....they might get some money that's been in the bank for a while, and quietly survive longer than Saudi Arabia.

Second, the guy in the Nashville theater shooting....was a certified nut.  Relatives admit the guy had been put into a facility on at least four occasions.  Each time, with proper drug usage....the folks who managed the facilities signed the guy off as 'OK'.  The problem with this managed nut that each person needs to live a simple lifestyle and take their drugs each day....with no alcohol or other drugs in their life.  The odds of a hundred such nuts accomplishing this?  It's pretty bad odds.

Third, the FBI has now been pushed into the Hillary server affair.  It's been almost three months since the story started, and something has occurred to get the Justice Department to finally react.  Legal trouble?  If they call Hillary into some office to provide a statement....I would have doubts that she shows up.  All of this leads me to think that the internal machine of the White House is going to help someone suddenly come out by November and draft an unknown character who will sweep through the Iowa primary with shocking results as Hillary steps out of the race.

Fourth and final, Liberty University has invited Bernie Saunders (far-left leaning Democrat) to come and speak.  It's a thriller of sorts to imagine this scene and how people might take Bernie's words.  I think most people....even far-right conservatives....would agree with ten-to-twenty percent of Bernie's comments.  Another twenty-odd percent would be almost acceptable.  The question would be....would you vote for Bernie?