Monday, 14 September 2015

The Alabama School Shift

I kinda noticed in Alabama news this morning....the state education board met and finally decided to mandate that Alabama science teachers have to teach evolution and climate change.  Then they mandated that students had to understand evolution and climate change. make this work in the state....there would be some type of experimentation and hands-on instruction and less talking or lecturing by the teacher.  

I should add another odd feature to the element.....students don't have to believe in evolution or accept the idea that climate is changing on some basis.

It's been roughly ten years since the board met and did a major shift on science topics in the some folks kinda expected this to happen.

But here's the really odd feature of this was all done and approved by the Republican-controlled Alabama State Board of Education.  Yep, the Republicans actually did it.

For four years of my life in Alabama.....I had one particular science teacher who absolutely refused to allow evolution to be brought into the classroom.  The science book had at least one chapter which always touched on this, along with dinosaurs.....but the teacher used this nifty gimmick....skipping chapter by chapter.  We'd do chapter twelve in the first month of the class year.....then shift to chapter two.....then shift to chapter six.  No one really noticed this missing stuff, and it was probably a year after I finished high school that I started read (independently) on evolution.

I'm pretty sure that she's flipping over in her grave right now.  This would have been rough on her.

What the board is kinda that they want video presentations.....bought from some national agenda folks, and used to orientate the students....rather than a simplified one-page text that the teacher might use.  An agenda at work?  Well....yeah, but it's best not to mention to the board.

I'm guessing.....probably half of the state will be up in arms and this will trigger various arguments at PTA meetings and require teaches to just stand there and take the sarcastic words.

The potential to sell climate change to Alabama kids?  It's going to end up being a mess, but folks argue about NCAA football to the ninth degree these we might as well allow climate change to be argued at the same level.

For those who thought that the real Republicans were going to help or save you.....if you look around at the Governor's problems, and this've pretty much got some fake Republicans in office.