Tuesday, 15 September 2015

The Smarter-Than Article

About once a month, the New York Times will actually go and do a five-star journalism piece.  Yesterday was such a day.  They wrote up a column to ask the question....."When Did Jeb Bush Become the Smarter Bush?"

Basically, they went to a couple of people and chatted to this about this weird feeling that people generally have....that Jeb Bush is the smarter of the two Bush brothers (G W).  The general comment from folks is that it's NOT entirely correct.

G W was always the happy go-lucky guy, who socialized with people....sipped beer with them....got into trouble, and that Jeb was the guy who didn't ever get into trouble.  So, in some weird way....people just assume that Jeb is smarter because he didn't drink excessively or get into cop-trouble.  Beyond that, there's no indicator of brilliance or being smarter.

In some ways, I wish that they'd take this same reporter and go over to ask the next question...."When did Hillary Clinton Become the Smarter Clinton?"  The answer here.....she never never has reached the smarter level over Bill Clinton.

There are a lot of historians who walk around and want to push their guy or 'dimwit' as the smarter-than guy.  People want to claim LBJ or Nixon were smarter than so-and-so.  If you go back and look for common sense in a President.....you'd probably come to realize that Warren G. Harding probably ranks up near the top....but we don't usually want common sense in a President, or it's generally disregarded.

We are into September now and it's roughly a 100 days away from the Iowa primary.  Jeb doesn't have to win the Iowa primary.....but he has to place somewhere in the top three or he'll lose some enthusiasm over the next two or three primaries (New Hampshire isn't going to be kind to him).  He needs to build some enthusiasm.....even if it's fake enthusiasm.