Wednesday, 16 September 2015

The Chinese Story

There's an article or two over China, the stolen data of people with clearances, and the suggested end-product.  What people are suggesting is that China is now building a Facebook-like page....with government employees listed, and their 'history'.

For decades, the US had something like a Facebook like folder or document section for VIPs in various governments.  This Chinese effort, if true....would cover several hundred thousand individuals and give you insight over the economic situation, personal problems, and connections.  If the guy was married to his fourth wife.....the Chinese guys might grin for a moment and know that he has relationship issues.  If the guy has a home that he can't afford....the Chinese will know that.

This is probably worrying the big guys a bit in DC.

You could imagine some scenario where you walk into work one day and the government boss wants to see you.  That trashy gal who moved next door to you and started a lusty relationship with you....which was all private....well, she was hired by someone who works for the Chinese government, and the US security guys figured this out.  You kinda sit there....having enjoyed months of lust, and now realize it was all fake, and it bothers you a bit (well, maybe not that much).

You can also imagine guys being set up by some Chinese folks in deep financial issues, and being fired because they were deep into debt.

It's hard to say where this goes.  It'll take an entire generation (maybe twenty years) before you see these guys retired and a new (unknown) crowd hired.