Monday, 28 September 2015

The Real Political Mess We Live In

If you woke up from some twenty-five year nap and took a look around America today.....gazing at'd be shocked to the ninth-degree.  On one side is a significantly tired Hillary Clinton and some socialist guy duking it out.....with the socialist guy slightly ahead in a number of states.  Over on the Republican's mostly some Seventh-Day-Adventist doctor, Donald Trump, and some fired HP female executive from a decade ago.  You'd be in disbelief at how the nation has fallen.

So, there are five basic reasons that we are at this junction in our society.

1.  No one reads newspapers much anymore.  We don't care about the local paper except for the page one stuff, the local news, the obituary, and the police blotter.  For the most part, less than five percent of society will read the commentary or editorial page of the local paper these days.  No one cares who they support in the general election, and their slanted articles on politics just don't work on the general population anymore.  With the exception of the Washington Post and New York one cares what commentary is written up on politics.  All of one single generation of change.

2.  CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, Fox News and MSNBC are mostly disregarded as trustworthy.  I doubt if thirty to forty percent of society have much trust in what's delivered or the truth factor of the topic.  In some cases, people trust their local weatherman more than Bill O'Reilly of Fox News or the Today Show crew.

3.  Time and Newsweek are irreverent.  Back in the 1980s....probably near twenty-five-percent of the adult public read at least one of the the news magazines monthly.  Today, it's probably closer to one or two percent.

4.  The general public.....after two hugely stressful administrations......really doesn't buy off on competency coming out of the political crowd (either party).  If some Senator says he's got the solution to a just start laughing because he's probably going to fix one problem and create a new and more significant second problem.  Toss on lobbyists and's mostly a Micky-Mouse crew that dresses up and says scripted stuff, and entertains you throughout the week.

5.  Most people have taken the attitude that America is some brand of something.....which is mostly failed (a 1971 Ford Pinto).   It doesn't matter if you talk banking, credit, law enforcement, immigration, Republican, Democrat, gay marriage, cops shooting blacks, blacks shooting cops, fatty food, expensive cars, taxes, environmental laws, religious nuts, crazy people on the street, or lusty stuff on TV.  Everyone generally believes the brand name of America is screwed-up.  So, we all kinda needs fixing, but there's just not the standard formula of American politician to fix it.  We've reached a point, where we might just vote for a Doctor with no political experience, a wild socialist guy, or Donald Trump.

And if this doesn't work?  Well.....yeah, that's the curious thing. Frankly, we don't have a plan B other than electing a comedian the next time around.