Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The Weed Hotel Idea

I read a fair amount of business news, and noted via the AP today.....there's this Indian tribe in the US who dreamed up this great idea.  A marijuana resort hotel.

The Santee Sioux Tribe  already runs a casino and hotel operation in South they've taken up this new idea....operating a nice resort with marijuana in the background.

What they say is that they will grow the stuff on the reservation, and figure that the Feds won't say a word or stop them.  They will operate a nightclub as part of the deal, where a smoking lounge will be in full operation.  Naturally....gambling opportunities will exist.

The take-down?  Right now, they are talking about people wanting to come up to South Dakota and spend enough to generate two million dollars in profit each month.

The thing about this.....if it goes down like the tribe'll generate interest across the US.  There are hundreds of reservations, with various tribes, and they might all get smart.....grow their own weed, and make millions off people who want recreational opportunities.  Then you add this one big ingredient.....being high and doped up.....while gambling.  Some gal might wake up in her room after a long time of partying, and discover that she took $8,000 out of her credit card last night while sitting at the slot machines and all 'weeded-up'.

Somehow, I would imagine the federal government will stand there and just say you can't do something like this.  It'd start a trend, and the courts might end up being involved.  But if this takes off and makes it.....I'll predict dozens of such operations within five years.....all offering four-star marijuana and Indian tribe hotel operations.  It'll turn into a big deal where couples can escape for the weekend and get 'weird'.