Friday, 2 October 2015

Death by Nazi-ness

"The community college is a gun-free campus."

- CBS News on the Umpqua Community College shooting

It's rarely worth discussing these mass shootings because there's really nothing learned or gained from the vast amount of knowledge that the shooter or the analysts dumped onto the public.

Obviously, the college felt that by making it a gun-free would be safer.  The only problem with this logic is that nutcases don't follow rules or laws.  Ever noticed that?

We have countless federal and state laws which dictate that you can't kill anyone....even in a moment of passion or anger.  It doesn't matter if you take an ax, a hammer, a pitchfork, a car, a chainsaw, or a can't kill anyone.  Yet, it gets violated on a daily basis.  I'm still waiting for some guy to stand up and try to make some national agenda and get a law passed on top of the laws....saying it's "totally" against the law to kill some guy.

How effective is a gun-free campus?  Well, as long as you have no nuts's great.  One single nut....can spoil the concept of a gun-free campus.

Oddly, the US military runs gun-free bases and posts.  The only legit way to have a gun on base is to store your rifle or handgun at the armory on each post.  If you want to live on store your gun.  If you need to go go over to the armory.....check it out and drive straight to the gate and exit.  It's fairly rare to ever have a shooting on a military installation under the present rules.
The other odd thing that CBS wanted to point out.....they had one single security guard at this community college.  He was unarmed.  No one has said much or explained what the purpose of this unarmed security guard is.....except he was 'security'.  Maybe he had bear-spray or such.....but you just don't know.

The anti-gun nuts?  They came out quickly and wanted to make some point.  Then you read this nutcase's agenda.....claiming he was the IRA of Ireland.  All of this.....and he still lived at home.  Job?  I've yet to come across any news source that says he actually worked for living.

Among the seventy-thousand codes of injury, death and illness....I'm wondering if there is a code for getting killed by a Nazi-nutcase.  Maybe it's time to add that to the health codes.  Death by Nazi.  Yeah, pretty strange.