Sunday, 4 October 2015

The All-In-One Restaurant

I spent Saturday at the Octoberfest and will write over the experience.  But first, a subject which my brother would likely comment upon.

I stayed at a town outside of Munich, and the hotel didn't offer any food....they did say there was a pizza operation down the street.  I looked over the brochure, and felt 'unsteady' and just shaking my head.

It was basically a German-Italian-Indian-Mexican-Thai and Chinese pizza shop.

My engineer....would say that you can typically have a ethnic restaurant that serves X and Y.  Once you go past X and Y.....trying five or six styles into one typically ends in disaster.

In Alabama, a guy can typically run a decent US-Mexican restaurant or a Chinese-Thai restaurant.  Maybe you could run a decent Indian-Thai restaurant....but you'd question where the expertise would come from.

The problem I least four-hundred spices over the oven.  A guy being all sweaty and not paying attention.....could pour eight Indian spices onto some Mexican dish and knock the guy on the ground with all the heat of Indian spices.

All of this.....then you wonder.....what the heck will Indian pizza taste like.....or Mexican pizza?  Maybe it's best not to ask.

No, I skipped their service.