Sunday, 18 October 2015

More Hillary Reading

In 2003, Secretary of State Powell sent the President and staff an email that basically said that Prime Minister Blair of the UK was onboard for the possible invasion of year before the invasion.
How do we know about this email? was on Hillary's server.  It was reported by the British newspaper....The

Course, their big agenda is to blast away on Blair because of this commitment way ahead of what everyone knew about.

But there is this odd thing about this email from 2003 in Hillary's server.  For her to have it on her personal and private server.....meant that someone in the office went back and researched through the State Department's archives (privately held and requiring a clearance).  They spent a fair amount of time looking for the document, and then routed it onto Hillary.

The purpose?  It's hard to imagine why Hillary would want a copy of this 2003 email from Powell.  Seven years have passed and it's basically worthless unless you had some agenda item to use.

What happened to the document once it came onto Hillary's server? one is sure.  There are various non-State Department people who worked for the Clinton Foundation and they had 'rights' to the server or email folders there.  So, they came to read the document and share it among themselves (without the clearance naturally).

There could be a dozen Foundation people who read it.....there could be a hundred Foundation people who read it.

There could be a hundred VIPs who paid for sensitive information like this and got the privilege to read it via the Clinton Foundation.

In a way, Hillary's participation in the State Department was more of commercialized version of NSA's Snowden.  Her people on the inside collected various documents and arranged for viewing within the 'club' (the Foundation).  This is why the private server mattered so much and was absolutely necessary.

More material to be found?  I think the news media folks will wake up and start to dig through the story now.  There are probably hundreds of such documents and each will tell some small story of the 9-11 era and the decade after that.  Sadly, no one will ask.....who else at the Foundation read the material?