Wednesday, 28 October 2015

The Columbia School Punk

Yesterday, I spent around thirty minutes watching and re-watching this classroom episode unfold in Columbia, South Carolina.  There's this kid....female....I would assume around fifteen or sixteen years old, who has been yacking on a cellphone and been told by the teacher/instructor to put away the phone and she refuses.  I get the impression that she's been told more than once or twice.  At some point, a school official directs her and she the school cop is called.

The video shows the confrontation....the cop instructs her to leave the room....she refuses.  It's hard to define her rational thinking at this point.  I am assuming that she's just not there mentally.  She's acting like it's just a game and nothing much can possibly happen to her.

So the cop's effort fails, and he resorts to physically appending her....which fails miserably as her chair/desk falls backward and you'd almost think that she's going to end up with a concussion.  All of this.....caught on video.  Sadly for the cop.....if it hadn't been on video....nothing much would have occurred except stories around the school.  Today, it's been shown throughout the world, and the general opinion is cop abuse on the teen.

So, my view?  I'd terminate the cop program at the school entirely.  I'd let parents know that it failed and there just won't be cops at the school anymore.  Then I'd let them know the new rule.  Your kid gets stupid or shows disrespect....three days of suspension as long as you arrive within an hour after we call you.  I'll up it to four days if you arrive after an hour of notification.

The second time in the school year that your kid gets stupid or shows disrespect?  I double the days of suspension.  Once you go past twelve days of suspension in one year?  You can't graduate that year, and have to repeat the entire year again.  You only get one year of repeat for your school career....after that, you can look for another school district.

It's not really up to the school to make your kid honest and respectful of the's the parents.  If they screw up and can't handle a fifteen-year-old's best to dump them off at some county social office and just let the kid go.

There was a time when schools just existed to teach kids.  Today?  They end up as some baby-sitting service for juvenile-punks.  Why bother hiring some cop and wasting funds on this odd feature?  If that kid wants to be that much of a failure in life.....either help them recover or help them achieve their ambitions.