Thursday, 29 October 2015

Stupid Is, Stupid As

To be honest....I kinda expected this.

A new study got the Harvard School of Public Health.  What they said was.....the current trend of carbon dioxide (CO2) is such....that it will have a direct and negative impact on human cognition and decision-making.

In simple language?  Global warming will make you stupid.

Now, most folks will sit there and got disturbed by this suggestion.  Obviously, the Harvard folks did some testing in a lab and got some mice to react to increased CO2, and came to some rational or irrational decision that more CO2 equals stupidity.

The problem about this study and how it got into the news media?  Well....Al Gore and his ThinkProgress folks are the ones who picked this up and wanted to talk about it.  So naturally, a bunch of folks won't take this serious.

What bothers me mostly about this is that lots of things in today's world make folks stupid.  Lead in Paint.  Excessive use of marijuana.  Getting hit in high school or college football in the head.  Excessive use of alcohol.  Watching Sponge Bob excessively.  Sitting in afternoon meetings at the office with moronic supervisors.  Excessive consumption of greasy junkfood.  Heroin or LSD usage.  Eating unhealthy amounts of sugar in your diet.  Slutty trailer women in your life.

So, worrying about CO2?  It's just one out of fifty different things that I might encounter....which might make me stupid.

But here's the other side of this issue.  As CO2 does some spiral (or just imagining it would) have to vote for Presidential candidates....who might be permanently hampered by their loss of human cognition or decision-making.  So, we might need a test to see just how CO2-stupid you might be.

Imagine an HR office talking about hiring you as an engineer, and the guy says they have a physical they want you to attend, and there's some CO2 number that you need to score.  You start to freak out, and then your cousin Marvin says he's got some hospital oxygen tanks that he can loan you and you just breathe for six days straight in some dark basement.....this fancy clear reach the magic CO2 number.

You do this and pass.  Course, Marvin wants some money for his oxygen you pay him off.  Then you start to notice after weeks and months....that a bunch of folks are being tested for CO2-stupidity.  And Marvin, with a bunch of other folks, are all using these special oxygen tanks that come out of central Tennessee.  Then you kinda discover that Al Gore owns the oxygen tank company, and is making billions off this trendy deal of CO2-stupidity testing.

Not that Al or the global warming guys would do something this stupid....but you just have to big of a difference is it to be just plain stupid or CO2-stupid?  Maybe it's all the same kind of stupid.