Friday, 30 October 2015

Republicans and Their Debate

Five simple observations over this Wednesday night debate.

1.  Whoever came up with the wise idea of letting CNBC do the debate for the Republican Party....needs to be fired.  They (the party management) didn't know what the heck they were doing, or they were trying to stack the deck for some guy to emerge out of the debate with extra points.  The party failed.

2.  The moderators were fifth-grade wannabe journalists....who likely didn't write a single question themselves.  Whoever filled in the blanks and provided the questions for the three marginal journalists were laughing up to a certain point, and from that point on....the joke was on them. CNBC probably lost a significant amount of reputation off this one single event.

3.  Cruz literally destroyed the moderators.  It took him 120 seconds and he crushed them.  They never recovered from that point on.  I can 't think of any episode in forty years like this.

4.  Jeb Bush was a lost child in a grocery store.  He just never delivered and he can just forget about any comeback.

5.  If we get to October of 2016, and it's Hillary versus Cruz....I'll go ahead and predict the outcome.  Cruz will allow her to pick any moderator she wants, and Cruz will aim to destroy the moderator. Even if there are three of them....he'll just make them look like school-kids trying to protect poor Ms.Clinton (their fifth-grade teacher), who is a bit overwhelmed and unable to comprehend the situation.

In essence, Cruz is this guy who can stand alone and debate anybody....literally anyone....from across the media empire or political stage, and take them apart.  It would be very naive for any journalist to think they can tinker with Cruz and screw him up.  The question is....can Trump win the primary and convention....leaving Cruz out of this equation?