Monday, 2 November 2015

My Day

I started phase two of the German language class today.  There were two unusual episodes that occurred, and I made a serious mental note about.

First, we got a new instructor.....some 40-ish gal, who walked in wearing a wool blouse-thing, a wool-sweater, a wool skirt, and wool underhose.  I is fairly cold and around 38-degrees outside in the morning.  So, it makes some logical sense although in my entire life....I've never seen someone go to this maximum extent of wool.  She was probably charging up 10 watts of static electricity every minute as she walked around the room.  I was in some fear that she'd come over and put the finger on me with some high velocity electrical static discharge.

The second thing is....and I'm used to students in the class with a constant need to check their Facebook or email messages.  Out of 19 students in the least fifteen do it on a continual basis.  But here was this wool lady (the instructor) and she pulls out some smart-phone, and puts right at the edge of the instructor's desk.  Then you can time her....about every ten minutes....she was looking at SMS messages and such.  Course, maybe she's got some guy or gal, and stuff like that is important.  But it's just odd how times have changed and even instructors are shuffling between the class and messages.