Wednesday, 4 November 2015

The Gun Tax Idea

I noticed some Democratic Congressmen put up a bill to introduce a $100 tax on all guns sold in the US. The deal?  It's referred to as reducing gun least by the title on the bill.

The potential passage?  Almost zero percent.  From the south, there are probably a dozen-odd Representatives who either won't vote, or will vote against it.

How would the $100 on each gun sales affect gun violence?'s intended to go into a pot and be used for mental help after shootings.  It wouldn't exactly lessen gun'd simply get some mental health guy in the middle to explain things.

A logical guy would ask if hammers, baseball bats, and knives would also be taxed at a $100 per item because they cause violent death on a routine basis.  Well, the folks in charge of drafting this bill just wanted to settle up with guns.  I think their opinion is that relatives or friends of a guy beaten to death with a hammer or baseball bat.....probably don't need help.  It's discrimination to think this....but it's the logic of our times.

What ought to be used to change people?  Make up a simple drug want a have to go down to some clinic in town and give some precious body fluids and a week later the results come up.  On some prescription pill which the doctor didn't prescribe?  Fine.....but no gun.  On crack?  No gun.  On marijuana?  No gun.

In fact, I think this would work so well....that I'd extend it to police to take on a monthly basis, and probably like all political figures....especially mayors and take as well.

Naturally, no Democrat would write such a bill and they would quickly condemn it for getting in the personal business of individuals....which the same comment from gun owners for the stupid gun tax idea.