Sunday, 8 November 2015

How Gender Will Overtake Reality

This is what will eventually happen in the new world of transgender confusion.

Karl will watch some documentary while in the second grade which suggests that feelings can occur and you could be switched.  So Karl's mama will have him examined and eventually lead to Karl wearing girl's clothing to school and identifying himself as Lisa.

Somewhere along the end of the third grade, Lisa will watch some documentary at the school and realize there's some confusion in her mind, and a special doctor from Nashville will suggest returning Lisa to Karl's body.

Eight weeks into the fifth grade, Karl rediscovers his issues, and gets a new doctor from Memphis to get him into Lisa, but version 2.0 which means hormone treatments.

Lisa wakes up in the seventh grade to feeling manly in different ways, and mama has found a new doctor in Atlanta who helps her retreat from these odd feelings and return to being Karl version 2.0 who is a bit male and a bit female.

Karl 2.0 wakes up in the ninth grade to find all kinds of issues raging within himself and a new doctor from Mobile thinks it's time to have surgical procedures done and give Karl woman-like options.  During the summer break, Karl 2.0 becomes Ingrid....the trans-gender boy-girl.

Ingrid enters the tenth grade as the rage of social demands.  Ingrid finds that both boys and girls are interested in the physical details of the body.  In fact, there's some much stuff going on.....that he/she is really confused, and a new doctor from Chicago enters the scene.  It's decided that it's all too much for Ingrid and it's best to revert back to Wanda but version 2.0.

Wanda 2.0 lasts for about five months, where in the midst of the eleventh grade....finds herself suffering serious frustrations and hostility.  A doctor from Austin gets involved and says there's some hormone imbalance.  For the sake of mental health, the doctor reverts Wanda 2.0 back into Karl 1.0 and tries to make this all real simple.

Karl 1.0 graduates from high school....joins the Army....spends twenty years as Karl 1.0, and then retires to have an operation done to revert back to Ingrid, the trans-gender.

It is fortunate for us....that so many marvelous and talented doctors exist, and are ready to help us become whatever we desire in life.  Hopefully, we never go beyond the three genders.