Monday, 9 November 2015

Kids Do Stupid Things

Kids do stupid things.  Kids do mindless deeds.  Kids do feats of foolishness.  And kids achieve moronic creations.

They do it in their youth while attending high school, and they do it while attending college or university.

So up in the University of Missouri....some stupid kids decided to put up a Nazi swastika in feces (yeah, it's hard to imagine this in real life) on the wall of a male public bathroom on one single floor.  Back in April...some kid performed a similar act and was judged guilty to public property damage....getting a two-probation period.

This time around, some political activists have decided to use the event and attempt to get the university chancellor to leave.  To make their point, all of the black members (I would assume there are no Jewish members) of the college football team are banding together and saying they won't play anymore while the college president remains.  The coach?  He has decided to side with the players.

The chancellor?  He's said that an investigation is ongoing with who might have done the Nazi swastika in feces on the bathroom wall.

The general view?  It's an odd group.

You'd think that the Jewish kids of the university would be the ones up in arms.  Somehow, the mostly black contingent of students have used this as some symbol for their cause.

A fair number of people (I've looked across the internet) have said that if the football players on scholarship won't come out to practice on Monday, or the Coach himself.....then fire the the door to walk-on's and dismiss the scholarship players from their deal with the college.

The problem I see here is that even if the chancellor left.....a new guy arrives (perhaps even a black guy), and within a month....some other idiot will paint up a Nazi swastika in feces on another bathroom wall.  Then what?  Fire this guy too?

Some people have suggested it's time to trim back the football mentality at the school and dump the whole program.....going to plain honest old-fashioned university classes.

The problem is.....there are 35,000 students who attend the University of Missouri.  For any idiot, or professor, or football coach to assume that one single chancellor can control the general day-to-day stupidity of 35,000 punk kids, and forge them into young's comical and almost deceitful to suggest such behavior can be accomplished by one single adult.

If you had gone back to the early days of the 1230s when the university atmosphere was fresh and just starting to reach some level of maturity.....the head of the school would have been handling at best 500 to 1,000 students.  To suggest to him that a university in the future would reach 35,000?  He'd start laughing because of the weekend brawls, sword fights, and continual bad behavior by his students.

I'd give the football team a day to think over their actions, and on Tuesday of this week.....I'd just call up the coach and say this season is finished and we don't need your talents or skills any longer.  Then I'd go and hint to each member of the team that their scholarship package will be terminated in five days, and they need to find other accommodations and payment methods to cover school.  The kids who threaten to walk out of classes?  I'd let them know via a registered letter to their parents or themselves....that unexcused absences will result in a failure within the class....meaning you need to repeat this class next semester, with no refund for this class.  I'd let the teachers know that if class attendance dwindled or student numbers lessened.....I'd find instructors that weren't required, and let them go.

It is comical in a way.....the way that some political action group used this to make some point.  Sadly, kids aren't smart enough to realize that.