Saturday, 14 November 2015

Talking over the University of Missouri

There's been some talk this past week over increasing student demonstrations and demands.....which may flow a great deal further than the University of Missouri.....where a Nazi-swastika made of feces got black students all disturbed and eventually only ended as the football team threatened not to play and the University President resigned.  There in the great moment of black students met on the campus lawn.....a circle developed to keep news media and reporters from the center area where black students were drawn into (white students in support of the agenda were told to stay out because they weren't black), and "decompression" occurred.

I pondered over the "decompression" comment....wondering if this was a drug decompression, an alcohol decompression, an oxygen decompression, a hallucinatory decompression, a fake decompression, or perhaps a non-existent decompression-story that just never was existing.

As for the future of more student demonstrations?  If you follow the news media, there's talk of twenty different campus episodes unfolding over the next month.....each with the agenda of getting action and having people fired.

I have no doubt that through the first couple of'll go the same way.  A thousand students at the college will march and demonstrate.  The football team will threaten not to play.  Professors will get in the middle and pretend they are friends of the victim crowd.

At some point, one college president will stand up and say 'no'.

It'll be a curious episode that occurs quickly and with different factors at work.

He'll call the football players into a by one.....then put the scholarship paperwork in front of them and say they have twenty-four hours to get 'right' or be let go.  No uniform, no play, no support, no NFL potential, no tuition coverage, no room and board, and zero potential that some other college will accept them for their team.

He'll call the football coach in and let him know that if he's supporting the strike kids.....he's gone.  And the odds of hooking up with another college?  Zero percent.

He'll call the professors into his office and let them know that they have one single agenda on the teach.  Anything other than a fireable offense.  They are state employees and have a need to support the state rules..

He'll face each kid who threatens to demonstrate and let them know that this will be the last semester at the college.....they need to find a new and fresh place to hang out in the future.  Any act of violence?  He'll bring them over to the county for property destruction charges and just let the state handle the punks.

In a matter of seven days....this guy will shut down the demonstration in remarkable fashion.  After that point, other colleges will act the same, and the whole thing will fall apart in a matter of two or three months.

Just my humble opinion.

Hillary at the Convention

It's not worth a big discussion....but it did get brought up this week.  The AP (Associated Press) sat down and asked about 'superdelegates' to the Democratic Convention.

Most people, if you ask them....have no idea what a superdelegate is.  When you look at the total head count of folks inside of the arena when they gather for the Convention.....there's roughly 5,554 folks who have a vote.  Naturally, you would assume they are all part of the primary system.

You need 2,778 to win the Convention episode.  Roughly half of the 5,554 folks will come there as undeclared people.....associated with the primary votes or states.  These are VIP related votes and can vote anyway they desire.

The AP sat down and canvased a fair number of the Superdelegates......367 total folks.  Out of this group.....Bernie Sanders got endorsed by eight people.

If you do the math, this means that Hillary logically has gotten 96-percent of the Superdelegates locked up and fixed for her.

So, for the fifty primary states....Hillary has to win three states at best (even small states like Delaware, North Dakota and Hawaii) to win the Convention.  Bernie could take forty-five states with absolute wins, and it won't matter.....Hillary wins at the Convention.

Even if you use the likely scenarios that Bernie will possibly win twenty states in the simply doesn't matter.  The Convention deal and the Superdelegates make this all a worthless gimmick.

The Republicans?  Well, yeah, they have Superdelegates as well.  They were supposed to be there and help Jeb cross the line with twenty-odd state wins (under the scenario that existed six months ago).  Now?  Jeb is running a marginal campaign....probably can't win more than three states at best and it would be a huge embarrassment for the Convention to suddenly throw up every Superdelegate and the three state delegates up, and push Jeb across the line.  No one would take the Republicans serious any more and everyone would laugh over why the primary even needs to be conducted.

All of this leads one to question why bother with primaries and state elections.  Just let the insiders put their guy up and go through some theater-like games to make people think it's all 'real'.  On the plus side here?  You can go ahead and bet money now that Hillary will be the one sitting there in November of 2016....running for the Democrats.  Even if she only wins three primaries....she will be the pick.