Monday, 16 November 2015

An Alabama Standoff

It's hard to say what will happen after Alabama's governor Bentley announced that the state won't be accepting any of the Syrians that the President intends to "deliver".

The statement was read late on Sunday evening and no one from the White House has said much.

My humble guess is that the President's team will say "fine" and just substitute Iraqis for the Syrians and proceed ahead.

Alabama might come back and say....we meant any and all refugees, period.

Then you'd start to have one folks call....a Mexican standoff.  This is usually where two Mexicans meet, argue, pull pistols, and then neither will back down or negotiate.

Might the Feds cut funding and try to intimidate Alabama?  Well, they could try some deal like this....cutting highway funding.  Alabama would just go through the court system and ask where in the current law do they get special punishment for refusing refugees?  The answer?  It's not there.

No one has said much over where or how many.  I noted from the news that for the next twelve months....there was talk of 10,000 Syrians being brought to the US and spread between the fifty states.  An educated guess would be Alabama's share to be around 200-to-400.

It would be curious where in Bama that this crew would be resettled.  We don't really have any urban centers currently with Muslims.  There might be a handful in Birmingham and Huntsville.  Knowing how stupid the federal guys are.....they might try to push the whole four hundred into one small community on the north side of Birmingham....where crime and threats are a daily thing.  Or they might be stupid enough to pick an area which has a large segment of KKK members.

Most Syrians who came into Germany were looking for highly urbanized areas.  They were a bit disenchanted when they wound up in rural areas where it's mostly cattle, tractors, and trees.  My humble guess is that Alabama would be fitting that type of landscape and no one would be very happy over this.

The one thing one might say for shock for the Syrians is that virtually everyone in Alabama carries a pistol or rifle in the truck.  On any given day at some Dairy Queen or Piggy could ask folks visiting if they have a weapon nearby and around seventy-percent will grin and just not say much.

I'll wait and see how the President's plan works and how Alabama slides around this.  Maybe there's some offering on the table to convince the state to overlook the situation, and avoid the Mexican standoff.