Tuesday, 17 November 2015


This past week....the term "safe-space" got brought up.....in relation to the University of Missouri.

I had to look up the word or phrase....to understand what it meant.  So, it tends to mean a place where you'd go at the college.....a positive place....where people will be there to offer teacher, educational institution or other students.....who do not tolerate hate speech, disagreement, harassment or violence of any type.  In simple words.....this safe-place is where everyone will think, talk, ponder, image, assume, comprehend, feel, and discourse....just like you.


The hint by folks who describe this is that it's typically where you'd go if you were lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or "other".  The 'other' ended up being added and it includes Blacks, but not whites, Asians, Mexicans, Latinos, Chinese, or Puerto Ricans.....unless you were gay or such.

I sat and thought about this.  Usually, when I was in the Air Force, this was the barracks.  You'd go back.....open up a beer, and talk to like-minded people.  Conversations would usually go the full length......NCAA football, 'lifers', trailer-trash queens, beers, life on the farm, inner-city Detroit, TV shows, disco being dead, car batteries, women showing too much cleavage, ex-wives, ex-girlfriends, the best chow-hall food, booze mixtures, cheap hotels that people had stayed in, world politics, and women's boxing.

My brother would say his safe-space is a storm cellar....yet to be built but will be a practical space when the big tornado hits.  He'll probably admit it'll have a small fridge and shelter two six-packs of PBR and some beef-jerky.

Some other folks would say their safe-space is some place where their wife can't find them....day or night.

A handful of folks will admit their safe-space is a local bar, with 1970s music in the background, a trailer-tramp gal with a halter top who shows up on Tuesday nights to talk about UFOs, and an unlimited bucket of peanuts.

I pondered upon this safe-space deal and what these punk kids were going there and talking about.  I get the impression that they aren't that sure about what is going on and this is mostly to talk to people to get pumped up and feel sure about their criticism of the school.

Personally, if I were the father of one of these kids.....paying $25,000 a year.....I'd be in the car and going down to pick up Junior or Wanda.....insisting that I won't waste $25,000 on some safe-space university or some club pretending this will achieve something positive in life.

Eventually, someone will figure out that safe-spaces are mostly bogus, or just a place to chill out.  Then they will rig up fancy commercialized safe-spaces.....where you can sip beer or booze.....paying a price of course....and get professional advice from some bartender while in the safe-space.