Thursday, 19 November 2015

The Little Pill

It's one of those odd stories that came up today....from the Washington Post.

So, there is this drug which has been noticed in the Syrian civil war.  Capagon.

It's a major amphetamine drug.  Normally, you'd buy it (illegally) for a price of $5 to $20, each.  It was developed by the Germans in the early 1960s.  I won't say it's connected back to the Nazis but there's probably a discovery related before the war ended.

The drug got introduced into the Syrian conflict.  But there's this odd history behind the drug....back five or six years ago, the consumer side of the drug had several layers but roughly one-third of the world production of this amphetamine would go to Saudi Arabia.  Seven tons, say the Post.

It's gotten to such a bad situation that almost 50,000 Saudi guys end up in some drug rehab in an average year.

So I looked at the side effect or usage deal.  Basically, you end up thinking you've got super-strength, lots of stamina and go for hours and hours charged up.  Then, you start a downward trend.

The doctors who handle this stuff admit it's pretty dangerous on the side effects.....brain damage and psychosis.  Guys tend to use the pill....burn up energy...miss eating....start losing weight.....go back to the pill.....and in some weird end up with some thin-slim guy all juiced up and on a fake-energy high.

No one says much over how long you can continue at this rate, but I'd take a humble guess that you might last six to twelve months before you've got issues that are detrimental to your health.

So, this brings me to this odd observation.  You take a 100,000 charged up guys.....deliver them into the Syrian War for ISIS, and as the months roll by....your force is dissolving month by month.  Somewhere between the 12th and 24th'd have to go back and do a recruiting cycle to bring fresh guys in, and then send the remaining guys into one last battle where they don't return....mostly because you know they've got major brain damage and psychosis.

In a way, they are burning through the enthusiasm and recruits, and not showing anything in return.

These guys in Paris?  Well, no one has said much about tests or autopsy results (it's too early).  But it might well provide some answers to how guys get so charged up and enthusiastic......using a drug to make it possible.  

An agenda surrounded by dopers?  Well, it's best not to bring this'd just worry people even more.