Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Seat Innovation

Innovation is running absolute overdrive presently.

I noticed in auto news today that there's new seat technology developed....called 'Active Wellness'.  What it generally does is monitor you the "sitter" in terms of your physical way and your mental status.

Now, you'd likely pause here and ask some questions.

The seat is checking your heart rate, your respiration rate and analyzing those to compare against your expected stress level.  Based on your standards (I'm assuming there is some input that you have to make into the system about your body, etc)....it'll come back with a massage function or heat/cool function and lessen your stress.

The big draw?  If you look sleepy on bio-standards....it'll do something to wake you up.  All of this.....without really touching your skin.....attaching electrodes.....or putting some kind of copper wearing on your head.

My brother would look at this and probably ask if there is an electrical volt charge somewhere involved.....if you did nod off......and wanting to personally measure the charge himself (but avoid being the sittee).  It'd be one of those lab-like experiments like you do at Auburn when the professor is not around to ensure safety compliance.

All of this comes from rocket scientists (actual NASA engineers) withing with Ohio State University and some PhD type folks at Stanford University.

The thing is.....once they perfect this gadget.....why limit it to just car seats?  Why not install it in some upscale office chairs as well.....or your riding lawn-mower seat.....or even your tractor seat.

You get all frustrated with the boss?  The seat registers this and suddenly turns on some Beach Boy tunes.....hits a fan in the corner.....then flashes some trailer trash gal's pictures across the screen.....to get your mind off the frustration.

You get frustrated with the wife at home while operating the tractor?  It'll flip on 'Ring of Fire' by Johnny Cash and flash some video across the screen on the tractor TV of Green Acres and you start grinning.

There will be hardcore guys standing there....saying it's their right to be natural and not be affected by some fancy gadgets like this.  They probably refer to themselves as the Mennonite-2015 version who refuse to advance past this point.

I'll bet somewhere in the mix of innovation....there's some guy standing there and wiring up the measurements device to detect when you pass gas and recommend some type of action.....or if your NCAA team lost over the weekend and try to comfort you in some way as you drive to work on a Monday.

It is a bold new world that is coming.