Friday, 4 December 2015

The Malik Story

When you look at the San Bernardino shooting episode....there's one strange piece to it.....the wife-shooter....Tashfeen Malik.

I sat and read over several writings of the 'new' wife of this guy involved.  She was a Saudi, or at least had a Saudi passport.

The shooter's parents about a year or two ago.....had this worry that the son would never marry, or at least he wouldn't marry the 'right' kind of girl.  So they hunted around to find one and got to this match-maker service (NOT in the US).  This all led to Tashfeen.

Well....other than pictures and some descriptions of her via the son's one much knows her or her background.  There's the claim of her being in the pharmacy field and had some education as such.  But beyond that?  No....nothing.

So I have this scenario flowing through my mind.  In this.....the President will have a meeting in two weeks with the FBI guy and the CIA guy.  It'll be a thirty-minute meeting and cover what happened in San Bernardino.  The FBI guy will lead through facts with the guy, and then turn to the wife.

"There's this weird thing....." that the FBI guy will start this story with.  As the FBI tried to connect to the Saudis and find out who she was and her history was.....the Saudis weren't willing to help.  The FBI guy will turn to the CIA guy....letting him tell the rest of the story.

The CIA guy will do a half-way grin and say that his boys were digging in Saudi Arabia and this gal just doesn't exist.  Tashfeen Malik realates in some way to a nom de guerre for a Muslim Jihadist from Muslim history.  This was the Tafhseen King of the Unitarians (Muslims) and the conqueror of the world outside of Saudi Arabia.

The President will stop them at that point.....asking what the heck all of this means?

Well, says the CIA guy.....she's fake.  You know....not what you think.  It's just like when you sign up for a marriage match-maker in Texas and you get this wife deal.....then you find out that she's some trailer-trash gal from New Jersey who shot her last husband and did time in prison.

The President will be confused.

Both the CIA and FBI guys will say they are concerned.  The President asks why?

Well....they say.....they think there's at least a hundred such matchmaker deals which they can trace and these Saudi wives were brought into the US.  They might all be fake.....sleeper agents.

The President assures them.....Saudis never lie.....neither do Muslims....and it's best to forget all this stuff.

It's hard to say where this goes, but I have this odd feeling that the wife will be quickly forgotten by the news media.....because they just can't track down her history.