Saturday, 5 December 2015

The Thing About Gun Control

In the fabricated world of gun control.....there's a means and end to gun violence.  I've heard probably a thousand hours of debate over the past forty-odd years and read tens of thousands of lines over the topic.

If this were a serious debate, the topic would revolve only around rewriting the Constitution and explaining exactly what a militia is and how guns would or would not be related to that phrase or part of the Constitution.  This however, is avoided, at all costs.

Why?  Well, what people generally say about the Constitution and this change game is that they kinda remember how it went with Prohibition and the use of change with the Constitution.....thinking you could end booze in America.  In the end, instead of terminating simply went to a level where there was no control period, no taxation, and was a key part of the American 'underground'.  So rather than defining a militia or it's powers or use of's mostly all talk.....over and over, with various gimmicks which won't touch upon the Constitution.

If you sit and read newspapers across the I do each tend to observe three key parts of our society and the need for weapons.

First, vicious crime.....the type where a guy or gang breaks into a house while the owner is there or his more than obvious.  You notice these incidents day by rural areas and urban zones of the US.  Maybe the Washington Post or NY Times never mention it, but small-town newspapers and local network news around the country do talk about it.    Waiting for the cops to come when the guy has already broken down the door....isn't an option.

Second, crime performed by whacked-out or drugged-up losers is more than obvious.  These are people who clearly show no fear of their act or the possible detention of twenty years within a prison.  Nor does the death sentence threat scare them.  Other than putting a piece of lead into them....there's not much of an option left.

Third, you end up watching some perverted political figure try to charm his people by talking up CONTROL as being something that is managed by law and can be restrained and curbed by laws.  The fact that there are various laws which prevent murder, rape, assault, robbery and physical threats....and you'd just add another layer of law upon another layer of law upon another layer of law.

In the end, the law means nothing.

A German safely walks around the streets of his town or city without worrying much over doped-up thugs or out-of-control robberies.  Because of this limited threat....he's not that charged up to have a weapon.  If you changed the statistics around.....doubling or tripling the potential violence in a normal quiet German'd watch the public pursue more gun licenses and acquire weapons.  There's simply a point of reality that kicks into the gut of much trust you can you allow some political agenda over the safety of your life.

It's hype....mostly to cover an agenda and simply provoke some element of society to react.  If we talked about people getting killed in drunken boat accidents enough....they'd be hyped to hire up more cops to patrol stop the accidents and killing there.  Yes, if we only had more'd all work out in the end, or at least we perceive that.

If anyone believes the hype of gun control....go take a ride to Memphis and go walk for an hour through the heart of the city after dark.  Talk to us about your fears and anxiety then....and how gun control would fix your fears and anxiety.