Tuesday, 8 December 2015

"Pussy" or "Pu**y"?

After President Obama gave the Sunday night national speech....a number of folks sat down and analyzed it. From Fox News.....they came to Lt Col Peters.....one of their weekly folks who talks up terrorism and military affairs, and they asked him his opinion of the President and the speech....and he responded with the term "pussy".

In the military, if a guy refers to the term "pussy".....it generally means something different than what regular people or your standard college definition. It means a guy who can't really do anything or say anything.....because he's too fearful of upsetting folks.

Some intellectual folks will hear the term "pussy" and immediately go the college definition and think of a trailer-trash-chemistry major gal that they knew in Ohio State or Texas Tech.....who flaunted sexuality and was fairly promiscuous (for Alabama folks....it means her trailer door is always unlocked and usually open).

Fox News couldn't really let Lt Col Peters get away with that silly statement.....so they banned him for two weeks. Whatever paycheck he was getting....I'm guessing a thousand dollars a week minimum.....well....that's cut off until he's wrapped up his two weeks of suspension.

Now, this does bring me to pondering.

First, most folks will say that "pussy" is a four-letter word and thus must be referred to as "pu**y. It's a delicate English matter. I had a sixth-grade English teacher who noted any word in the dictionary....could be used without worrying about upsetting the sensitivities of people.

Second, when the Fox HR guy called up Peters.....did he say that Peters was on Pussy-suspension or Pussy-timeout? Or did he just say it was inappropriate? Peters probably asked him for the list of words then that you can't use to describe the President, and the HR guy froze at that point......there was no such list.

Third, how will the MSNBC hosts.....who always hate Fox News....discuss this?  Every time the word is uttered....it gets more mileage.  Some kid at Texas Tech has probably invented a drinking game where you do a shot of fruity liquor when the word is uttered with MSNBC.

Fourth, the real comedy to this whole thing is that more people are entertained or perceptive of Lt Col Peters "pussy" comment than the President's address itself.  I sat and watched the 12-minute piece.  To be honest.....there's not much you'd get out of watching it other than thinking that the President is concerned, and that this Knoxville attack which the FBI just labeled last week as non-radical Muslim.....was actually radical-Muslim.

Presently, I expect some college professor to pull this pussy-comment out and try to explain this in a political science class.  At some point.....some trailer-trash-gal will stand and get all disturbed about the misuse of the word and accuse the professor of sexism.  Eventually, someone will start a new trend #pussymatters and then we get a whole new college frustration episode with loser kids who pay $90,000 for a fake college degree and can't be serious about anything unless there's a hash-tag in front of the phrase.

Sorry if I'm cynical and sarcastic.  I'm just not "Pu**y" enough to be fake.