Monday, 21 December 2015

The Sheikh Story

I picked up a couple of local papers while visiting New York City last week.  There's a certain 'taste' or view of things there....that you won't find in most places (like Alabama for example).

So I came to the advertisements, and here was an entire page of ad's for spiritual healers and psychics.  You New York City....there's a fair number of folks who have fears or problems that normal means have no effect upon.  You end up meeting up with Sheikh Joe or Sheikh Marty, and use their special talents to fix your woes.

I looked at the list of general problems that they fix: love, court business, getting one's luck back, stress removal, depression, witchcraft, voodoo, negative energy, 'evil eyes', wife jealousy, husband jealousy, release from a spell, reunite you with a former lover or mistress, obeah (west Africa voodoo, as being different from regular Haitian voodoo), bad habits, business deals gone sour, etc.

It's hard to figure how a guy or gal reaches this stage where he'd go and visit Raman-Joe to get hooked back up with a former mistress or rid yourself of bad habit.

The 'evil-eye'?  Well....this is when someone sits across from you on the subway....glaring intently at your body....and casts some oddball spell upon you.  Usually, an evil-eye situation is unintentional and just an accidental curse (so I'm told).  Some gal might have noticed you didn't iron your pants this morning before leaving for work, or that you got some sugar-glaze on your chin from the three donuts you ate this morning.

There are 8.6 million people who live in the urban area of New York City.  It's hard to say how many are into this Sheikh Joe or Sheikh Marty deal.....but I'd take a guess that 200,000 see their local Sheikh at least once a year.  No one talks about prices or discounts.  They'd probably review your 'evil-eye' situation and try to tie it into a $200 fee and a second visit for more spiritual healing.

As a kid growing up in Alabama.....about half-way into the county-seat....there was a gal who had a sign up as a palm-reader and spiritualist.  Within twenty miles, she was the only one around to handle this kind of business.  I'm guessing we didn't have too many 'evil-eyes' or voodoo situations going on.

Oddly, it's part of the landscape of America in 2015.  Folks feel something heavy upon themselves and unable to get past this frustration without some type of mystic solution.  They'd like to blame this on something, and voodoo sounds good enough to hook a problem upon.

Sadly, we are a society which has enough problems on our plate and need some way to lessen them.  The Sheikh fantasy least for some people.