Tuesday, 22 December 2015

When Fantasy-Reality Hits Reality

This morning, I picked up this story of a Canadian guy (in his fifties) who had decided to go transgender with a twist.....he wanted to be a six-year old girl.

Yeah, it's one of those weird stories.

Apparently this guy and wife have split up.....he's gone to this fantasy lifestyle, and now living with his fantasy 'father' and 'mother' (you can guess the living arrangement and how this would work in the real world.

There are these occasions when you know that you are near the end of the tunnel, and reality is about to hit fantasy-reality in the face.

So, I'll go ahead and predict the situation within two years.  Some ten-year old girl will have convinced her mother that she's not really ten years old....that she's really twenty-five years old, and will sue in court for full independent privileges in life....to include a drivers license, ability to open bank accounts, and the ability to get a job.

Some liberal judge will get this ten-year-old kid in the court room and try to reach some lesson in life experience for the kid.  He'll fail.  The kid will say that she's not really ten years old, and that the judge needs to deem her a full-up adult, with full privileges.  The judge will eventually have to stamp the documentation complete and allow this dimwit girl to pretend to be an adult.

Some company will even hire the ten-year-old.....just to make a point, and some reality TV series will likely come out of the whole situation.

We are at some crossroads in life where you can think of yourself in any way, shape, or form.  If you want to be a dog.....so be it.  If you want to be a Starship captain....so be it.  If you want to be a trailer-trash intellectual gal....so be it. There is no limit.  If you need legal papers....it'll happen.  If you need a little operation to carve off pieces or add pieces.....it'll happen.  And oddly, none of this will bother half the population, because we've gotten so used to this behavior.