Friday, 15 January 2016

Airman Story

It came out in the news today that the Air Force is studying the idea of removing "Airman" from official lingo of the military organization....because of the reference affecting women.  The only general suggested solution has been to say Airmen for men and Airwomen for women, or just to say Air-person.

It's hard to figure how this conversation started, what general supported the topic for debate, and the various senior enlisted leaders who felt it was a wonderful discussion topic for it's members.

If it sounds like they ran out of debatable topics.....well....yeah, that's the likely reason why this comes up at this point.

Even if you did come to some rational conclusion....the debate would be rekindled within months to consider how it'd affect trans-gender individuals that the Air Force may have to accept or neglect.  Air-genders?

For roughly the first fourteen years I was in the Air Force.....up until around knew how the game was played and the 1950's Strategic Air Command mentality still held some control over stupidity and management.  After 1991, I'd say it was a fighter-pilot mentality that took control, and you went through some debate mess about every two or three months.  The idea that change would bring a better Air Force.....eventually led most people by 2000 to just laugh and become cynical over the new management trend.

I'm guessing some agenda group is holding this discussion and focusing on the dynamics of the future, and how all people will not have a sexual identity (probably shocking some women and some trans-gender dudes).

Perhaps down the line....even the idea of a men's room and a woman's room at the gym....will disappear as well.

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